Founded by Dr. Oscar Fernandez Brital in 1965, when he returned to Argentina, after obtaining his Law phd in Spain, and also after taking several courses such as "Derecho Comparado" in Strasbourg, France and also "Transporte Aereo" in Miami, United States of America.

In the first years, the practice was specifically dedicated to Aviation, Spatial and Telecommunications claims. During the next years, new attorneys joined the Practice, in order to provide full service legal advice.

In 1990 Dr. Alvaro Fernández Brital, his son, joined the law firm along with Dr.Enrique Alejandro Istúriz.

Due to the new members and clients that joined the practice, the office address moved to our current location, in the year 1992. Located in the heart of the financial and administrative center of the city; and near to Leandro N. Alem Avenue, one of the most important access to Buenos Aires city downtown.

In 1992 the Firm founded one of the first "Servicio Jurídico Prepago" (monthly fee based services) named "Estudio Legis". At the same time, the first chamber of "Servicios Jurídicos Prepagos" was created and Dr. Oscar Fernández Brital was named its president.

The third generation of the Fernández Brital family joined the law firm in 2001, providing a new and up-to-date view of the law in the current times, this continued innovation is one of our Firm's main characteristic.

Thanks to the professionalism and continued development of our team, Estudio Legis is an acknowledged practice by clients and peers in Argentina; giving advice to clients – individuals, companies and societies – placing a strong emphasis on providing high quality legal services with a creative and innovative approach to attaining clients' goals.